About Meditina

Meditina is music and meditation for all ages, created by composer Tina Noetzel.

  • Instrumental music and meditation music + collaborated guided meditations

  • Children's relaxation and bedtime meditation music (coming soon)

  • Custom meditation, relaxation or instrumental podcast music, for your business

Meditation and Relaxation

Tina has been meditating,  using relaxation music and guided meditations for nearly 20 years. Juggling multiple jobs as a musician and with the pressures of a busy day to day life, she found she needed something to clear her mind and reset. For Tina, meditation brings a sense of clarity and direction, an opportunity to clear her energy and simplify. A way to feel into emotions and connect to the layers  of her inner self. Research around meditation shows that it takes your nervous system from overdrive to calm and is such an important tool to utilise, and particularly useful for parenting.  

Royalty Free Music for your Voice-over

Do you create meditations for your clients and you're looking for music to play with your voice-over?Meditina offers royalty free meditation music to be used exactly for that purpose. The price is dearer than music for an individual to purchase for personal  use, as you are purchasing a license to use within your own creation to on-sell. Once purchased, the music can be used in as many meditations as you wish, however, the music must remain in its original unaltered state and must contain a voice-over. It cannot be distributed or embedded into your website in its original format as background music. Music must be credited in the following way: (Title of Music) by Tina Noetzel. Licensed by Meditina. If there are multiple tracks used: Music by Tina Noetzel. Licensed by Meditina. 


My Meditina Yoga

Tina has been playing piano, songwriting and composing since she was a child. She has a degree in music composition at the Qld Conservatorium and her soul purpose is creating meditation music among many other styles. Within Mt Cotton she attends yoga classes with Nicole from My Yoga. Nicole’s yoga journey began over two decades ago and is fundamental to her everyday life. Together they have started a new collaboration creating beautiful guided meditations for your enjoyment. Wherever you see My Meditina Yoga, you will hear the soothing voice of Nicole guiding you into a relaxed state, with the background sounds of Tina's music helping you feel into the present moment.

Childrens Meditation Music  

Coming soon...

Tina's Music 

Tina has been involved with music since she was 4. She has studied numerous instruments in her lifetime. Her main instrument is piano, but she has also spent time over the years playing and learning organ, clarinet, bass clarinet, alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, bassoon, cello, percussion,  guitar and voice. Tina gained her Associate Diploma of Music Australia on piano, covering both classical and modern styles along the way and completed a Bachelor of Music in composition under the direction of Stephen Cronin and Stephen Leek at the Qld Conservatorium. Her music has been played by the Queensland Symphony Orchestra and The Australian Voices among others and she is currently rediscovering and remembering her soul passion for  instrumental composing, sync-composing and songwriting. Tina has previously released 76 children's songs as part of a co-written early childhood music course, called Jiggle Music. She has taught piano for 20+ years, at her home studio, privately at schools, running two large music schools on Brisbane's southside and now at her home studio in Mount Cotton, Queensland Australia,  where she lives with her husband and their two young children. 

Should you have any requests, questions or feedback, feel free to get in touch via the Contact Me page. 

Tina Noetzel BMus AMusA